How to Predict Alibaba stock IPO Price

How to Predict Alibaba stock IPO Price. What to Expect from Alibaba stock IPO. How Much Alibaba is Really Worth. The real numbers live ahead of the IPO.

Hundreds of estimates have been made public on the internet trying to predict how much Alibaba IPO stock would be worth, however after Googling the most accurate estimate ahead of the IPO was made by Vieira on a live trading lesson which content partial content is included on this Case Study – our first on Alibaba (BABA) stock.

Vieira said that Alibaba is worth roughly 228 billion market cap equivalent to a price of $97. The stock closed at $93.2 on its first day equivalent to a market cap of 231 billion. The disparity between Vieira prediction $228 billion and $97 PT is minor compared to $93.2 and $231 billion.

Vieira recorded this live trading lesson ahead of Alibaba IPO preparing investors for what was coming. However, he did not expect shares to open so high as it happened on the first day.

Ahead of the IPO Vieira initiated Alibaba (BABA) with a Strong Buy rating.



Investors might wonder whether it is worth to buy shares of Alibaba at current prices but that’s a subject for another live trading lesson which is coming on this weekend for subscribers to Alibaba stock.

Furthermore, now that Alibaba stock is available on the exchange Vieira is already responding to the most difficult questions such as what to expect from the coming earnings report.

During Alibaba debut trading day Vieira commented on the American imbecile and ignorant Greenberg who called Alibaba an obscure company.

A very good example of an obscure company is Sears Holdings which stock is mentioned on the Case Study and a remarkable example of an obscure mind is the stupidity demonstrated by Greenberg – notice that 88% of Americans know nothing about Alibaba. Greenberg is more stupid than those 88% since he is trying to sell the idea of knowing something that he does not.

Alibaba management should disregard Greenberg a good company to American entertainer Jim Cramer.

The question going forward is whether Vieira will repeat the success of GoPro IPO Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Investing in GoPro

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