Triple Digit Returns Investing in Stocks

Triple Digit Returns Investing in Stocks. This is the reality at Vieira Trading for the past twenty years. How I Make Triple Digit Returns Stock Trading. world’s best live stock trading including broker statements and testimonial. Investors have been asking the same questions over the past two decades to Vieira. More than 99% of traders believe it is impossible to predict stock market prices – WRONG!

Most investors believe HFT (high frequency trading) has an edge over the rest of us – WRONG! Most investors believe they can make a lot of money in the stock market – WRONG! Most believe frequent guests of widely popular media shows can help the small investor outperforming the market – WRONG! The vast majority believes it is far less risky to let a fund manager handle their investments – WRONG! In our surveys , we have found that even professional traders believe that being the first to get their hands on the news is their only chance to do better than others – WRONG! More than 99% believe a small investor does not have any chance against Wall Street sharks – WRONG!

These are just a few examples of investors  common beliefs. For centuries people learned to accept mediocrity – it is far less painful to the human being to accept that everyone has to be equal.  Those questioning or challenging our common society beliefs have been for long questioned by the same class of ordinary people whose aim is nothing else than who to impose MEDIOCRITY as the standard.

For the past two decades Vieira has been teaching common people how to invest in the stock market focusing his time and effort on what really matters – consistent results is all about simplicity. A mediocre believes the secret lies on complexity thus the fight against HFT (high frequency trading) which most see as an unfair game.

Who cares about High Frequency Trading other than a mediocre? Who cares whether the stock market is manipulated? Who cares about what the FED is going to announce on their next meeting? the mediocre.

The only source of knowledge is experience. The only real valuable thing is intuition.

Albert Einstein

How many of you are acquainted with John Forbes Nash or Turing  work? How many of you have heard about the Gangnam style? Do you get the point? Most people knowledge resumes to rumors on the internet, soap Operas, other’s people ideas… except what really matters – something that would in fact force them to make a better use of the brain.

Today we are going to analyze how a very small investor can achieve an outcome beyond the best mediocre expectations!


Vieira almost doubles a very small account within 48 hours using the same information shared with stockmarketLIVE.TV customers

You certainly don’t see this kind of results among Wall Street best firms nor Case Studies including their own Live program trading corroborating their sales team claims – nevertheless, people believe in these firms because it is by far preferable to trust on someone with a brand rather than in themselves.

To double a very small account within 48 hours without using options trading it is not big deal – we have to agree. However, a mediocre may spend his entire life trying to get similar results.

Hereafter, we are going to show the HOLY GRAIL of investing successfully in the stock market – something that cannot be replicated by an American stupid investor – CONSISTENCY regardless of stock market conditions leading to triple and quadruple return on investment.


Vieira demonstrates how to make money every day without using options trading 131% within 5 working days!

To achieve these results Vieira and Boris used  our Basic Trading Course and the lesson Investment Rules for small investors in the market.


Know more about the real value and power of social media sharing for the small investor.


Take a look at the diagram offering to learners a perspective of how they make efficient use of our services.

Our mission is to create and distribute software, e-learning and entertainment affordable content to individuals and institutions interested in the financial markets helping them to get acquainted with the complexity and high risk associated with actual transactions in the financial markets. Therefore, by using our services we believe learners can effectively acquire a critical and deep understanding of how financial markets operate before they make a decision to get involved in actual transactions. We offer access for everyone budget using affordable and flexible direct and sharing payment solutions including ‘offer your price’ and ‘make your price’. It is not part of our mission to help investors on how to manage their own investments in the markets substituting the important role of a financial adviser. For more information read our disclaimer.

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