Why Did SodaStream Shares Halt and Zoomed

The Trader Who Called 3000% Profit Trading SodaStream. How to Make 3000% Trading SodaStream Within Hours – Vieira Trading is the only company in the world that can prove the trade call and bet in SodaStream was effectively made.

This is likely to be the best case study you will see during your life on how to trade successfully stocks. If you thought I was joking about buying a Richard Mille’s watch trading stocks with Vieira think again!

Was Vieira who has just made 3000% in SodaStream, one of the subscribers or a family member? Our privacy policy does not allow to respond to this question, but Vieira Trading is the only company in the world that can prove the trade call and bet in SodaStream was effectively made.

About who actually made 3000% profit trading SodaStream is left to your fertile imagination.

Vieira who started by teaching you How to Double Your account with a very small account, moving to the next step on How to Triple your account, ended up offering to subscribers 1000% Return on Investment in Netflix and Chipotle.

To move beyond this mark is almost mathematically impossible, but we are talking about Vieira the only stock trader in the world who can predict stock prices, therefore the next challenge was to prove that anything is possible, technical analysis and stock analysts are dead.

When Vieira Trading reviews said that Bloomberg is Dead, he used the news out two days ago to prove it.

If Vieira did to same to Goldman Sachs analyst on Netflix, Bloomberg was going to be a walk in the park.

Watch the Case Study to the end to comprehend the reason today more than 18,000 investors are frenetically waiting and paying anything to listen to Vieira’s next move. The number of millionaires in the world is zooming to record levels while Vieira gives money to everyone.

Today, a miracle happened on the exchange when SodaStream shares zoomed to $36 precisely as Vieira predicted on the his chart the day before.



It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is. It does not not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess or what his name is – it it disagrees with my view it is wrong because I can read the market. That is all there is to say.


On the Case Study you can listen Vieira for a couple of minutes, but you can watch the complete Vieira’s Live recorded lesson on SodaStream as a subscriber to Vieira’s top picks annual plan on the store.

A man who can predict stock prices can do anything – it is just a matter of listening to the the market disregarding everyone’s else opinions and by doing so one is always ahead of the news as it has been demonstrated in the recent cases of GoPro and BlackBerry.

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How is this possible? it’s the GTR, not the car, but the best trading system ever!

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