Investing in Chipotle Against American Hedge Fund Managers

Investing in Chipotle Against American Hedge Fund Managers. Chipotle has been our largest holding position at Beyond Trading along with Google. American hedge fund managers, the same financial terrorists who bet against Green Mountain Coffee have been bearish Chipotle long term. There has not been better investment than Chipotle – our return on investment surpassed 1000%.

For more information read about Chipotle is Gold: Grill Those Shorts, or How to Trade Stocks for Unlimited Potential Profits.

Vieira, world’s best stock trader has been repeating the same for years – there are amazing opportunities in the U.S. stock market

I am the happiest investor in the world by following Vieira’s guidance.

Thanks to Vieira’s long term vision Chipotle shares surged more than $73 per share after earnings announcement. It’s Burrito party sharing millions of dollars in profits with investors all over the world.

Vieira proves over and over that stock market prices can be predicted continuing discussing on Live trading leading companies such as GoPro, Netflix and Chipotle ahead, during and after the most important events such as earnings announcement.

Real-time SMS Trade Calls and Algorithmic Trading on Chipotle and Netflix Earnings. stock market LIVE TV offers perfect real-time SMS trading alerts on Netflix earnings announcement.

Vieira called a real-time top on Netflix shares after-hours at $462. Vieira has a neutral rating in Netflix after urging investors to sell the stock at $472 to Goldman Sachs sheep followers on their upgrade to $590.

On the contrary, Vieira maintained a Buy rating in shares of Chipotle since $237 explaining ahead of earnings that Chipotle continued to be by far better investment than Netflix.

On this Case Study Vieira explains Chipotle recent bottom at $485 ahead of July earnings as the ultimate investment opportunity as it was also announced on his recent Case Study calling Netflix bottom at $309.

Vieira has been explaining for the past couple of years the trading algorithm in Chipotle and Netflix predicting all major stock pivots in advance of the most profitable market moves.



It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is. It does not not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess or what his name is – it it disagrees with my view it is wrong because I can read the market. That is all there is to say.



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