Why GoPro Shares Are Plunging

Why GoPro Shares Are Plunging. The Story of a Very Successful Investor. From Millions in Losses to a Remarkable Profit. What a turnaround!

We addressed at stock market Live Blog the real story of Xiao P a recent subscriber to Vieira’s Custom Trading Program.

Today this very successful investor not only fully recovered his heavy losses obtained before enrolled to the service as he can claim victory by posting a tremendous profit.

One of the most recent Xiao P. heavy bets focused on GoPro decline while Wall Street crowd was upgrading the stock. Xiao P has further heavy bets on his portfolio.

This investor proved in a very short term time frame which is not common to master Basic Trading Course techniques following Vieira’s guidance.

Know more about how to become a successful millionaire investor by following Vieira’s GoPro stock trading since IPO.

I leave you here with his most recent case study including the world’s best real-time market calls today used by respected professional investors worldwide.


Today shares of GoPro are trading at $73.5 pre-market. Xiao P. is one of the winners of a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter to be delivered early 2015.

He has decided to follow the steps of the best hedge fund managers in the world instead of Cramer’s and TheStreet.com buying the stock at $84

Although we strive daily to have remarkable successful stories among all customers that’s not possible since unfortunately some investors disregard Vieira’s remarks being too attached to their former convictions and an unprofessional attitude.

I personally believe that Vieira’s announcement about publishing additional assets in the Trading Courses will help even further Xiao P. and investors like him.

stock market Live TV mission is to offer to professional investors, including hedge fund managers and investment banks, access to the best trading system in the world namely tools, resources and an e-learning program whose aim is to achieve consistent profits regardless of stock market conditions. Know more about us here.

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